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 List of all Cydia Apps compatible/running on iPhone firmware 3.0

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List of all Cydia Apps compatible/running on iPhone firmware 3.0 Empty
PostSubject: List of all Cydia Apps compatible/running on iPhone firmware 3.0   List of all Cydia Apps compatible/running on iPhone firmware 3.0 Icon_minitime2nd August 2009, 1:48 pm

There have been huge speculations whether or not iPhone 3GS is jail-breakable or not. However, the good news for our old iPhone users running 2g or 3G is that firmware 3.0 is jail-breakable as well as unlockable. As we had mentioned in a recent article that though cydia has appeared on 3.0, its still a bit buggy. Also all the cydia apps install on 2.0 but only some work or function properly.

Lately, Cydia saw a lot of packages being updated for supporting 3.0 like NES, MivTones etc. But some apps are as it is compatible with 3.0. Also Cydia is a bit buggy on 3.o and is slow. It crashes a few times specially when trying to que packages. One more thing noticed is that when you respring your springboard it goes blank for a few seconds instead of the round thing.

So below is a list of all the apps which work perfectly on iPhone

* Winterboard - Though there were doubts over this app not working on 3.0, we checked it out ourselves and it works fine. Individual themes might have compatibility issues. Do leave us a comment below with your findings…
* SbSettings – One of my favourite apps on the iPhone and Im happy that its there on iPhone firmware 3.0
* iRealSMS - Though copy/paste feature has officially arrived on iPhone 3.0 making message forwarding easier, iRealSMS is the perfect app for Messages
* Categories - Another great app for the iPhone which allows you to create folders and add apps into it saving you the time to find your apps.
* iFile - Replacement for MobileFinder, iFile allows you to access system files and also supports all media formats for videos and audio.
* Cydelete – Allows you to delete cydia/icy apps installed on the iPhone directly from your springboard
* dTunes - A media app which allows you to download and play songs/videos on your iPhone
* Mxtube - A good replacement for youtube app, also supports downloading videos
* mQuickDo - A virtual home key button!
* Safari Download Plugin – Download files to your iPhone via Safari
* Call Clear/iCall Br – Allows single deletion of call log and also check call duration. But its paid for $2.99
* MobileLog – Single Log deletion and also sms deletion. I prefer it over iCall Br
* MewSeek Pro – Allows downloading of songs and syncing it to your default music player
* PwnPlayer – A substitute to your default iPod
* 26/6/09 Backgrounder for iPhone 3.0 is out. However, it has only the basic features. Additional features will come later when the app is upgraded.

Working apps Update on 03/07/09

* Reinstalled Cycorder, it works!
* mAdvlock works! (substitute to lockdown, but paid app)
* mCallShow works
* LiveClock works
* Advanced Lock 2.0 - Cool lockscreen
* iBlank – Create Blank Icons (For iNav themes)

Update – More Working Apps

* Fivelrow – Fire row icons works in our test
* Inspell
* SpotBright
* Five Column Springboard
* AdBl0ck
* Volume Boost for 3.0
* ToneFx’s
* Chronus
* Cyntact
* Docs
* Erica’s Utilities
* Make it Mine
* qtweeter

Update: Lockdown app has been updated and works on firmware 3.o
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List of all Cydia Apps compatible/running on iPhone firmware 3.0

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